Healthy Home Schools: The Confusing USDA Food Pyramid

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2 Responses to Healthy Home Schools: The Confusing USDA Food Pyramid

  1. tinako says:

    This is what we waited for? The first thing I notice is that it still has those useless colored triangles in the main graphic. What am I supposed to do, use a protractor? It is a step up that they have now included food on the food pyramid, but do you see that the food groups have been successfully leveled out along the bottom? Food manufacturers never liked them being stacked, ranked, with “good” foods that you should eat more of taking up more area on the bottom and “bad” foods that you should (gasp) eat less of having a smaller area on the top.

    So they’ve gotten their wish. The foods have been dissociated from the area representations, which were indistinguishable already (except for the skinny fats column), and are now equally represented along the bottom.

    I had heard in interview of someone close to the committee discussing this a few months ago and he mentioned there would be recommendations to “eat less” sugar and meat. Do you know if that happened?

    • What we will see beginning in 2011 is restaurants being required to have their calorie information for each item on their menu boards. This is under Obamacare legislation. I don’t think there are any direct recommendations to eat less sugar (sugar industry) or meat (beef and poultry industries) through the federal government. There will be prevention programs targeting obesity and diabetes under Obamacare, so eventually we may hear “official” government announcements telling us the obvious. 🙂

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