Donna Rae with granddaughter- image by Joshua


Hey y’all! Welcome! I’m Donna Rae, a freelance writer, blogger, and former homeschooling Mom. My purpose in creating Donna Rae at Home is to offer real community support for “in the trenches” homeschooling mothers.

I have 25 years experience teaching my children and additional experience in the classroom. I have noticed through the years that a lot of homeschooling mothers are worried that they are not providing an education that is “good enough” to get their children into college or the marketplace. I have not only helped my children get into college, I have helped “package” them in a way that some of them were awarded “full ride” scholarships. It is my hope that my experience may help others with their academic goals and be a blessing to the homeschooling community in general.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music Education from the University of Houston in Houston, Texas. I have been blessed with seven beautiful children, two wonderful children-in-law, and one very special granddaughter.

I welcome your comments on the blog and would also like to hear your ideas for how to make the blog more valuable to you. You are welcome to drop me a line privately if you feel that would be more appropriate. I’ve been where you are, and know your heart and your challenges.

I am available for writing reviews, SEO keyword articles, blog content and print publications. My print clips include articles for “The Teaching Home” magazine and a feature article in “Texas Home School Review.” My SEO work has been published on eHow.com, in conjunction with LIVESTRONG.com, Suite101.com, Righthealth.com, OpenCongress.com, and BBC.com.

I am a prize-winning contributor for Suite 101. I am also one of Suite 101’s “Top 1000 Writers By Page Views” out of over 10,000 contributors.

You may contact me at donna@donnaraeonline.com.


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