Guest Post: When Home School is a Battle

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Brenda D Priddy is a writer, blogger, and social media manager. She owns Schooling Active Monkeys, an education and STEM activities blog. When not working, you'll find Brenda sipping coffee with her nose in a book.
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One Response to Guest Post: When Home School is a Battle

  1. Donna says:

    When y’all were little, I overcame battles by thinking “I’m bigger than you are!” and “I’m the adult in charge here!” When y’all would become defiant, scowl, and shout “You’re a meanie, Mom! I hate you!,” I would be crushed! But I knew I had to win these battles, or face them on a daily basis.

    I think young children challenge parents like this to see where the boundaries actually are. You have to stand your ground and be stubborn like you said, or you’ll be a pushover. You just can’t let that happen in a school situation. It doesn’t have to be a yelling match, and “good you!” for knowing when your own temper was rising. When you feel that anger rise, you have to walk away and calm down, or detain the child in a bedroom while you calm down. When you have a handle on your emotions, then you can calmly deal with the situation at hand.

    Good post, Brenda, thank you. I hope readers chime in with their thoughts.


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