God Answers Prayer

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3 Responses to God Answers Prayer

  1. Jeanie Rose says:

    Donna Rae, your ruminating over your early days at the Episcopal church brought such wonderful memories flooding back to me. Your writing carries that kind of power. Glad to hear writing is the direction you are going.

    Agnes Sanford came to the Episcopal church in our community when I was a young adult and seeking God with all my heart. She changed the course of life for me. You can read about it at

    I never leave links like this in a comment, but after reading your account I thought you would enjoy this story.

    Blessings to you and yours!

    • Jeanie! It is so good to hear from you!

      This story is so precious! Your experience with the missing keys is exactly like what I experienced with the schedule conflict. Like your personal walk, I am beginning to open my eyes to the power of prayer in faith.

      What a joy it must have been to sit under Agnes Sanford for five whole evenings. I had heard about her, but she was a little before my time. Thank you so very much for sharing your your testimony with us and sharing Agnes’ book title. There are definite reasons why certain things are introduced into our lives at certain times. I *know* I need to read this book. I hope others do, too.

      Manifold blessings, sweetheart,


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